Softscaping is the living, animated part of a landscape.

Due to the advancement in landscaping design programs, softscaping can easily be experimented with before implementing the subtlest of ideas and changes in a landscaping area. Softscaping can be both permanent such as evergreen tress and shrubs as well as temporary, such as seasonal plants which lend their color and character to pathways and driveways. Planning and arrangement of these elements in an aesthetically appealing manner is the cornerstone of effective softscaping.

Softscape includes the soft materials that are used to add color to your yard. These elements include but are not limited to sod, plants, and trees. We will work with you to blend these two components to capture your idea of your dream backyard escape.


Here at Atlantic Outdoor Services, we believe there’s no better way to beautify your landscape than by cultivating eye-catching flowers, trees, shrubs and a variety of other plants. If you’re looking for a simple way to make your landscape stand out, our gardening and softscape installation service is for you!


Whether you’re hoping to turn heads with an exquisite rose garden or add character to your building with trailing vines and striking shrubs, our team of expert gardeners has the tools and experience to transform your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary!