One of the state mandated requirements of having an irrigation system is protecting the potable water supply with an approved and testable backflow preventer. This requirement is listed under the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). They must be tested at least annually.

Backflow assemblies are mechanical assemblies and as such they are subject to fail, which is why the VDH requires that they be tested at least once a year. In addition, newly installed backflow assemblies and backflow assemblies that are repaired or relocated must also be tested. This requirement is echoed by Virginia Maintenance Code, International Plumbing Code, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Cross Connection Control Manual.

We test residential and commercial devices with pricing that does vary based on the application and size of the backflow device. Backflow prevention assemblies are to be tested and the results reported in accordance to each specific local utility or water provider. Any part of the check valve, relief valve or air inlet valve found defective must be repaired or replaced immediately, and a retest must show the assembly is operating properly. Leaking shutoff valves which prevent a test from being made must be repaired.